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Security Policy

Since origination the main point of consideration for ( is customer's security only. We give utmost importance to it. After all our customers is our main asset. We don't only think but have taken great steps in this regard. We employ superior security methods and techniques that safeguard our website against all the threats of security. Safety measures opted by ( provide safe and hassle free online transactions.

Security policy of ( ensures that the entire information of customers is safeguarded properly. ( does not reveal any credit card details or any other personal information of its customers to any third party under any circumstances. In fact, we are fully committed to enhancing and updating the security measures from time to time. As a proof we have the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. Generally security problems occur at the time of online transactions getting processed. Our SSL technology gives protection against these terrors. Entire personal information of customers is channeled to Visa through SSL encryption technology.

Furthermore, for taking care of all the security measures while collecting and transmitting all the sensitive payment information ( have adopted for a 3D-Secure/Verified-by-VISA compliant payment processor. This payment processor comply all the up-to-the-minute security methodologies to protect entire process from any of the online security breaches. ( doesn't take in information about the customer's credit card details and other personal information's. This entire thing is handled by PCI compliant payment processor. After checking on all the highest quality security measures adopted by this payment processor only we chose it.

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