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Tadalis is the drug for treating sexual blues of men life. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the biggest threat to men. The drug Tadalis is an oral prescription remedy for impotence. Outcome of this medication proved very effective to men. Tadalis treats men sexual syndrome very rapidly and even help them in maintaining erection for long time.

It further helps them in completing the intercourse adequately. Take Tadalis pill one hour before the intimacy. Its effect remains active for 24 to 36 hours. Due to its long lasting effect Tadalis is also called as weekend pill.

Cialis is the branded counterpart of Tadalis. But Tadalis is exactly similar to its brand in all respects. The main constituent is also same in the two i.e. Tadalafil. One pill of this drug is enough for getting stiffness. This drug can be taken by anyone but take it on prescription only. Improve your sexual health by buying Tadalis online.

Consumption of a drug should be done according to the prescription. Self medication should be prohibited. Tadalis is an efficient medication for overcoming demonic erectile dysfunction problem but it should be taken only if advocated by the doctor. Physician dictates Tadalis in different strengths to different men considering age and other factors in view. But for the most part 20mg Tadalis is generally recommended. If physician’s dictated dose proves ineffective and no erection is achieved, go to him again. But, do not make alterations in the dose by own.

Tadalis pill is sufficient to be taken only once in a day. This medication shows long lasting effects, thus for taking the next pill wait for at least 30 hours. Never take two pills of Tadalis in a day as many side effects are linked with it. Consume the pill with water as water dissolves it faster in the bloodstream and shows results. This drug is fast in working and treats ED soon, but give drug a minimum time of 40 minutes. The sexual activity can be enjoyed fully after a wait of few minutes. Follow all the dosing rules properly for safe treatment and experiencing amazing results.

Side effects are not drawbacks. As human beings have both pros and cons, so the drugs. Yes, all drugs have side effects. Do not look on them with negative eye. In fact, physician's suggesting to take the drug with caution. Proper intake of drugs will never cause side effects. Also, important is to be well versed about drug side effects. After proper information about the drug only one should take it.

An anti impotence drug Tadalis can also show side effects in certain conditions. This drug side effect is usually common and there is nothing to be fear about them. Initially body is not habitual to the drug so shows certain unwanted but mild in nature signs. Headache, stomach upset, gas, diarrhea, upset stomach, nasal congestion, back pain, etc. are common side effects of Tadalis. In few hours or maximum in one day these signs go away that too without seeking medical examination. If these side effects stay for more than two days see your physician at once. Their persistence for long is not good for health. Seldom Tadalis becomes serious and shows severe signs like prolonged penis erection, heart attack, shortness of breath, strokes, chest pain and so on. Go for a thorough physical examination immediately.

Every drug should be stored in a protective manner. Storage elongates their life and a person can use them for long. Give proper storage to your Tadalis drug also. Temperature should first think of. For Tadalis it is estimated that room temperature is most suitable. Therefore, store it in a normal temperature room having 15 to 30 degree Celsius temperature. This drug cannot survive in utmost temperatures like extreme hot, extreme cold, extreme dry and extreme wet. This drug further requires to be kept in box or container that does not let passage of air. Look for clean place in the room and store the box there. Make sure no one else use your drug as it may harm the other person if taken without suggestion. Women and children should stay away from it.

Tadalis has great opposition with surroundings like heat, light and dampness. Kitchen and bathroom also are unsuitable for its storage. Thus keep it away from the above places. Keep Tadalis expiry date in mind and dump the medication as expiry date fleets. It is harmful to store expired pills at home. But throwing pills is not the right method. Discard them rightly with the help of local disposable company.

Tadalis should be taken with great caution. Cautions that are taken into account are known as safeguarding measures. Men are asked not to take Tadalis if allergic to its active constituent Tadalafil. To know whether you are allergic to drug’s component or not see your doctor. On suffering from certain health conditions Tadalis may cause adverse effects. Such problems include heart problems, liver problems, kidney problems, diabetes, stomach ulcer, and blood pressure problem and so on. If suffering from any of these health issues first check with your physician and then take the drug. Tadalis should not be taken with grapefruit, grapefruit juice and alcohol. It is seen that severe health complications occur. Also, do not take this drug along with nitrates. Fatal health effects are relayed with it.

Women and children are strictly interdicted from consuming Tadalis. This drug is only for men usage. On others shows adverse effects. Tadalis is an effective impotence treatment, but daily or regular use of the drug may affect natural penis erection process. Thus, it is advised to avoid its daily intake. Heavy fat diet reduces drug effect, thus take it after light meal only. Old men should take Tadalis after medical examination only.

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